Terms of Service

This"Terms of Service"(hereinafter"Terms") refers to all"Passed Japanese (Gokaku Nihongo)"services provided by Global Carrier Agent GK (hereinafter"Company") (hereinafter referred to as"Services"). It has been set.


1. Terminology

The terms of this Agreement shall be interpreted as follows.

・"Product"means the access right to the services on the Web provided by our company. Customers can access this service by purchasing this product.
・"Limited period product"refers to a product that our company sells for a limited period of time at the time of purchase.
・"Subscription product"means that among the products sold by us, the validity period is not clearly indicated at the time of purchase, and it will be automatically renewed until the customer cancels by himself, and the subscription date It refers to the item that is billed.
・"Content"refers to sentences, questions, answers, voices, etc. created and provided by the Company to provide this service.

2. Scope of application

We shall provide this service to customers based on the conditions specified in this agreement. Customers can use this service based on the conditions specified in this agreement.


1. Non-guaranteed

Our company is that this service is academically accurate, harmless to the health of customers, safe, does not infringe on the moral rights and property rights of the customer, and the purpose of the customer's use. We do not guarantee compatibility with the computer system used by the customer.
・We can change the contents and software that make up this service to improve quality and efficiency. At our discretion, we may correct content mistakes or software malfunctions and remove, change or add features without prior notice. However, we do not guarantee that the changes will actually improve the accuracy, safety, legality, suitability, compatibility, rarity, efficiency, functionality, usefulness, etc. of the Service.
・We do not guarantee that the software will perform as expected by the customer, that defects in the software will be fixed, and that the software will not contain viruses or other harmful software to the customer.
・Customers use this service at their own risk and cannot request compensation from us.
・Customer acknowledges that the contents and software that make up the Service may contain inaccurate or incomplete expressions.

2. Membership system

This service is a membership system. Only customers who have registered their member information (hereinafter referred to as"member registration"), agree to this agreement, and have authenticated their membership (hereinafter referred to as"login") can use this service.
・This agreement applies to all customers regardless of membership registration and login.
・Customers are responsible for providing the equipment and communication services required to use this service.
・Customers shall register true, accurate and complete membership information.
・Our company can examine the registered member information and reject the member registration.

3. Member information

In addition to the member information provided at the time of member registration, we can record the customer's usage history regarding this service.
・Our company strictly manages customer member information (including password) and usage history in accordance with the privacy policy.
・Our company can aggregate and analyze customer usage history by linking it with member information.
・Customers shall promptly correct any changes in the registered member information or any mistakes found.

4. Service by qualification

We can provide a part of this service only to customers who meet certain conditions such as payment of fees and additional registration of member information.
・Customers agree that if certain conditions are not met, they may not be able to use part of this service.
・Customers can pay fees and register member information at their own discretion.

5. Member's Responsibility

Customers cannot sell, transfer, pledge, or provide collateral for their membership.
・Customers shall comply with Japanese laws and regulations and this agreement.
・Customers shall use this service as an individual to the extent that they are responsible for the results of operating this service.
・Customers shall properly manage their accounts at their own risk.

6. Prohibition of unauthorized use

When we discover that your password is weak, we can encourage you to change your password. We are not liable and will not compensate for any loss to you due to unauthorized use of your account.

7. Prohibited acts

We prohibit the following actions by customers.

・Violation of Japanese law
・Violation of this agreement
・Abusive use of this service to harass us or other customers or third parties

8. Restrictions on the use of children

We do not assume that persons under the age of 20 (hereinafter"children") will use this service without the permission of their parents.

9. Services for children

When the customer is a child under the age of 20, use of this service requires the permission of a guardian. Have a parent read this agreement to make sure that you are not subject to unnecessary obligations or unreasonably restricting your rights.

・Our company can provide children's content service for children under 20 years old. However, we cannot target children using advertising technology to encourage the use of this service. In addition, these regulations do not represent the establishment or maintenance of our content service for children.
・In our content service for children, we will not post content that we determine is not suitable for viewing by minors. However, our decision is final and parents cannot challenge our decision.
・All damages caused by the use of the content service for children or damages caused by children to other customers or third parties shall be attributed to the parent who authorized the use of this service.

10. Subscription

We may charge you a subscription service fee.

・The Company shall disclose the contents of the subscription service, payment method, payment deadline, etc. (hereinafter referred to as"transaction conditions") before the customer uses the subscription service.
・When the customer agrees to the transaction terms, the customer shall pay the fee in accordance with the transaction terms.
・The terms and conditions that you have agreed to shall be fully applied to us and you as part of this agreement.
・If the customer does not agree to pay the usage fee for the subscription service, or does not actually pay the usage fee, the customer cannot use the subscription service.
・Customers shall cancel the subscription by their own operation.

11. Benefits

We can offer benefits to customers who agree to the terms of the transaction and meet the conditions specified by us. Customer understands that Benefits are not part of the Subscription and that Offering Benefits is not included in the Terms and Conditions.

12. Advertisement email

When a customer requests information about products, services, etc. from our company or a third party, we send information about products, services, etc. of our company or a third party to the customer via a messaging system such as e-mail. You can send it to us.

13. Notification email

The Company can send information regarding the operation of this service to customers via a messaging system such as email without the prior consent of the customer.

14. Usage History

We can store, aggregate and analyze your usage history by using ourselves or an external service outsourced by us, and disclose the aggregated or analyzed information to a third party. I will. However, the Company shall not disclose the usage status of the customer to a third party in a state where the individual can be identified and the individual can be estimated by the method of information processing. (Please also see the privacy policy for these regulations)

15. Survey request

The Company can ask customers for their opinions and send questions regarding this service by using a messaging system such as e-mail without the prior consent of the customer. Customer opinions and answers are used for the purpose of deeply understanding the customer and improving the Service, and the Company will not be able to identify the individual or identify the individual through information processing techniques. Cannot be disclosed to anyone.

16. Suspension of use

We provide this service on the assumption that the customer agrees to this agreement and continues to comply. When any of the following applies, the Company may suspend the use of this service by the customer in whole or in part without setting a deadline.

・When the customer violates this agreement
・When the customer does not pay the fee specified in the transaction conditions of the subscription
・When the customer directly damages us or our parent company When-the customer directly damages our business partners, their customers, etc.
・When the customer violates the laws of Japan and indirectly damages our company, our business partners, etc. Your account has been used illegally, or your account may be compromised.

17. Termination of the contract

The Company may suspend or prohibit the use of the service by the customer at the discretion of the company without the prior consent of the customer or the prior notice of the company.

・When we stop providing this service, customers will not be able to use this service.
・When we stop or prohibit the use of this service by the customer, the customer can ask us to explain the reason or cancel.
・Our company may resume the provision of this service, at our discretion, regardless of the customer's explanation or request for resumption.

18. Withdrawal

Customers can delete the personally identifiable information of the customer recorded by the Company by requesting to withdraw from the Company and stopping the use of this service. However, even if you withdraw from membership, 2) Rules regarding this service-1. The non-guaranteed rules will continue to apply to us and our customers.

・Our company shall accept the prescribed withdrawal notice and, when there is no insufficiency in the content, delete the customer's membership and delete personal information such as member information from this system.
・The customer agrees that the personally identifiable information of the customer stored in the system not managed by the Company will not be deleted.
・The customer agrees that the Company will delete the information that can identify the customer's individual contained in the backup data of the generation-controlled service together with other data after the expiration date of the backup data.

19. Maintenance

At our discretion, we may suspend all or part of this service without notifying the customer in advance.

20. Changes to this service

The Company may change all or part of the contents of this service without notifying the customer in advance, or may stop or terminate this service. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer or damages caused to the third party by the customer due to the modification, suspension or termination of the contents of this service.


1. Purpose of this service

This service is for educational purposes only.

・We produce content in accordance with the guidelines, but we do not guarantee that the content is accurate, reliable, and useful.
・Customers cannot claim compensation for damages caused by the content being inaccurate or not useful, or damages caused by the customer to a third party.
・Customers have the right to claim damages against us when they receive direct or indirect damage or feel uncomfortable due to the use of this service, unless it is intentional or grossly negligent. Shall be abandoned.
・Customers shall use the content provided by us. You cannot evaluate the quality of the content against our guidelines and ask us to supplement, remove or modify it.

2. Copyright

All content provided by this service is protected by the copyright law of Japan and the Universal Convention. The copyright of individual texts, voices, trademarks, logos, and other copyrighted materials used in this service belongs to our company.

3. Limited use right

Except for the purpose of personal use and other cases permitted by copyright law, the content used in this service may be copied, publicly transmitted, modified, without obtaining our permission. The act of excision, reprinting on the website of the customer or a third party, etc. is prohibited by the Act.

4. Respect for intellectual property rights

When the content appearing on this service is suspected to be infringing the copyright, the content should be discontinued and should be resumed through discussion with a legitimate copyright holder.

・When we confirm that the content or comment infringes the right of the author, we will stop publishing the content.
・When the content of this service infringes the copyright, or discovers that it is infringed, the customer, the copyright holder or its agent shall notify us.


1. Governing Law

This agreement is governed by Japanese law. For disputes related to this agreement or this service, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

2. Amendment of Terms

We may change these Terms at our discretion. Not limited to these Terms, we can revise the various rules that establish the provision conditions of this service at any time. We will update the regulations posted on this service or send them to your registered address. The customer shall regularly check this agreement and try to understand the latest contents at all times, and at the time of using this service, the customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed agreement.

3. Scope

Regardless of when the customer starts using this service, the previous contract and the special contract based on individual negotiations with the customer shall always be replaced by this agreement and the latest version of the individual contract. I will. If there is a contradiction between this agreement and the individual contract, this agreement shall be given priority.