To Schools and Japanese Teachers

Why not add Gokaku Nihongo to your curriculum?
Our JLPT mock is available for use as homework, or in online / offline classes.

Major features for supervision

  • ・Reporting: You can monitor students’ progress (login, question-wise status and result, etc.)
  • ・Grouping of students by class or level
  • ・Messaging and bulletin board for Q&A with students
  • ・Learning system supports 40 languages including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian.

Following functions will be provided for 180 yen / week

N5, N4, N3 and N2 mock questions
are distributed every week

Questions can be used in class
within terms of use

Online class room
(SSL-compliant security)

Dedicated class URL

Class- and student-wise report
on browser and as Excel file

Progress reset for each question

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